David W Clemens, D. C.

Size Does Matter

After twelve years of being a chiropractor, I was frustrated. People I met, and especially my patients, did not "get it". After their chiropractic visits, my patients felt better, their pain went away, their health was improved, but they didn't understand why. My walls were covered with charts, I had 3 life-size spines, I gave lectures, I handed out brochures. You name it, I did it, trying to educate anyone that would listen about chiropractic.

I had to somehow capture their attention and at the same time make chiropractic understandable - it had to be a WOW! I thought, "we need something bigger."

No - we need something GIANT! We need SUPERSPINE!

My Vision

With SuperSpine, I was able to explain chiropractic and people got it. I had their attention. It was so outrageous, everyone not only paid attention, but laughed and joked and finally understood chiropractic and the role our central nervous system plays in our lives.

This was only the beginning. Chiropractors soon realized that the SuperSpine was light enough to take anywhere they wanted to attract attention to explain what we do. If you don't get someone's attention to start with, you never get off the ground - you're lost! 

I am proud to have thought of this tool for the communications of chiropractic. If chiropractors can reach more people, the world will be a healthier place.

~ David W. Clemens, D.C.