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Through Education & Alignment


Size Does Matter

A word from Dr. Clemens

After twelve years of being a chiropractor, I was frustrated. People I met, and especially my patients, did not "get it". After their chiropractic visits, my patients felt better, their pain went away, their health was improved, but they didn't understand why. My walls were covered with charts, I had 3 life-size spines, I gave lectures, I handed out brochures.

You name it, I did it...


What Is SuperSpine?


Visual Educational Tool

SuperSpine is a large model of the human spine column that visually and physically illustrates 4 major vertebra, 3 nerves, and 4 discs.


The model gives a realistic view of the various deficiencies and complications that could arise in a spinal column.


Introducing SuperSpine

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

To change your life, you must change the narrative on your health. The only way to do that is through education. The makers of SuperSpine not only are successful in teaching the next class of professionals but SuperSpine is here to help the patients just "get it".